About CEO

Mr. Nasir Shah is president of the Shah Group of Companies, he wears a crown of handling different kinds of construction businesses. As a result, Canadian Government has awarded him multiple times for his invaluable contribution to the construction world of the country.

Achieving the queens Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Canadian Government is a big proof of his what he did to the country. This award is given to someone for his/her great contribution to the country in the period of 75 years. Pakistan also recognized him as the best Pakistani Canadian Businessman and honored him with the “Bolan Academy Award”. He received a Certificate of Appreciation from Al Nadwa Ismalic Educational Centre Richmond Hill, Ontario.

He is popular, enjoys love and blessings form people all across the country due to his hard work. His unmatched efforts also helped him to name a street with his name, Syed Street and Shah Street after the family name in Simcoe Northfork City. Without any support from the Pakistani Government, he is successfully running a hospital named Hospital 1 Trust in Lahore currently. No one can ignore the appreciations and certificates he received from the Parliament for his valuable support to the community. Many people also call him as a famous personality who has a rich experience in organizing various cultural events. These events which encourage popular celebrities of India and Pakistan to come closer to each other. As a result, this is considered a big effort towards the movement leading to community entertainment

Mr. Nasir Shah has received various other certificates of appreciation from different reputed personalities of the country for organizing Khabardar Show and Shah Entertainment. The Canadian Government also encouraged him many times for his loyal support to the country.

Above all Nasir Shah, also owns group of companies specialized in consulting and financial services including loans and mortgages. His useful trading skills and knowledge helps him to maintain a huge list of trading partners all across the globe. Shah Group of Companies runs under the name of Shah Entertainments. As a renowned leader, this group wears a crown for organizing plenty of events for South Asian Community in Canada. Events organized by the group feature highly popular music artists from India and Pakistan.

Ontario canada Nasir shah the head of shah consultant is a nice person who has been serving the canadian community for years with complete honesty and integrity .he has clear instinct and clean heart His long profesional career is the prof of his fair dealin. Ontario canada
ShahProductions  International Mississauga Ontario canada.